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UsbFix By El Desaparecido 8.272

Easy-to-use fast virus cleaning tool for all your USB external devices
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Keeping your USB devices – be it a memory stick or an external hard disk – is just as important as putting the utmost care in preventing your computer from being infected by any virus attack. UsbFix offers you a colorful utility that will analyze your USB devices in search of any threat that may not only harm your external drives but also infect and damage your computer, and will clean them up in a snap.

Its surprisingly vivid interface is a well-organized one, displaying all the main functions in one single window with large colorful buttons. The “Optimize” feature will seek for unnecessary files that are taking up precious disk space, providing you with a short report of the amount of space that you will be getting back in each of the drives connected and giving you the possibility of getting rid of all of those junk files with just one click. Regrettably, this is an “all or nothing” option, which means that you cannot decide which files you want to keep and which need to go.

The “Research” option (back on the main menu) will look for all suspicious programs, while clicking on the “Quarantine” button will take you to a new window with a list of all the threats found. The “Clean” option will leave your computer free of malware programs in a breeze. The analysis itself is quite fast. It searches for possible threats in the most sensitive areas, such as the Registry, and will perform various analysis (heuristic analysis, generic search, SHA1 search...) in order to produce the most accurate results.

Finally, there is one more option that is worth mentioning – “Vaccinate”. This feature has been designed to be safe rather than sorry. This option will disable the AutoPlay and Autorun features automatically, which are the most usual ways in which viruses travel from your USB device to your computer. It also repairs the access to the Registry in the Task Manager as well as the Show Hidden Files function.

UsbFix is a good and free alternative to expensive anti-virus software tools that may neglect your USB devices when looking for viruses and other threats that may harm your computer. This small utility can travel with you easily and keep your system protected at all times.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Straightforward functionality
  • Attractive interface
  • Fast analysis
  • Vaccination function to prevent future attacks


  • The program shuts itself down after executing certain options
  • The official website is not always accessible
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